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At Advanced Skytech Canada’s core, we buy gently used computers from certified suppliers such as Hewlett Packard, Lenovo or Dell to ensure the highest quality. After receiving the units, we follow a detailed procedure to physically and digitally clean each computer, load it with the proper Microsoft technology and then finally run every one through stringent tests to ensure the computer is fully functional and up to standards. On a larger scale, Advanced Skytech Canada makes the earth a greener place by refurbishing and essentially recycling over 10,000 computers every month that may have been otherwise disposed of as wast. Furthermore, we take computer components that cannot be used any longer and sends them to a program that properly recycles the parts. This allows us to reduce its ecological footprint on the world as much as possible. Overall, Advanced Skytech Canada like any business, strives to make a profit, but here is our difference; we plan on taking care of Mother Nature in the process of doing so.


Your own personal computer dictates every aspect of your work and lifestyle. Advanced Skytech Canada is committed in helping you the customer reach your goals by providing a computer that can be used to realize your dreams. A unit that is capable of taking you anywhere you want to go for as long as you desire. You have the option of choosing from a wide range of products and services to suit your needs. Advanced Skytech Canada offers refurbished laptops when you need a computer on the go, desktops for your home or business, towers for when you need that extra computer power and servers as well. Advanced Skytech Canada offers a selection of models from Dell, HP, IBM and Lenovo. Each of our refurbished computers come pre-installed with Windows as well as other free 3rd party software to help enhance your user experience.


Most of Advanced Skytech Canada’s computers offer an automatic 1-year warranty with extended warranty available. We recognize that with computers, problems may arise that are out of the customer's control, which is why we offer our procurement services to save you time and money. Our warranty is designed to provide peace of mind for customers, letting them know that we have not forgotten them after their initial purchase, and that they will be under our precise care. Under the terms of our warranty we will fulfill your requirements as best we can, with our exceptional customer service, to minimize any disruptions that may occur.


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Please email us at support@astsys.com. We have representitives who are pleased to help you with troubleshooting, in many cases you won't even need to apply for an RMA.


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